Friday, August 17, 2012

Yarn wreaths

My neighbor had made these cute yarn wreaths, I figured I'd give it a try. These were my first attempts and they are both going to be baby gifts for my neighbors. I usally make homemade burp clothes, but thought these would personalize it a little more. They are more time consuming then I thought you litterally have to wrap the yarn around the entire wreath, and make sure it stays tight so that you don't see the wreath below. I made the pennant banner out of scrapbook paper and glued it to some twine that I hotglued on the back. The flowers were a little more involved but easy enough. Thanks Alicia for your help!

Pinterest Halltree

A friend of mine found plans for a halltree to build on pinterest. I thought yeah right, I can't build furniture! So I offered my little brother $50 to build it for me. Not thinking it would amount to much. But he did a fantastic job. He built it from nothing, I was totally impressed! I want to paint the baskets I just bought to put in the cubby holes, any suggestions on color???

New Lamp

Originally I bought this lamp at Home Goodes for $15, it was brown and a little dinged up, nothing a little paint wouldn't fix. So I spraypainted the base a green apple, and taped off the shade with masking tape, to make a chevron pattern, only it turned out a little tribal to me. Not sure if I love the shade I may cover it with fabric someday we'll see, it might grow on me.