Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flower vase redo

So I found this really cute french tin vase for flowers at HomeGoods, only it is mustard YELLOW! Since it was cheap I didn't mind spray painting it a color (Valspar, Exotic Sea) that would go better in my house. I love the yellow peaking through from the inside, I taped & covered it so it wouldn't be painted.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cork board

I've been wanting to make something out of a cabinet door since I got some from family that was remodeling their bathroom. I had a baby shower coming up, so found some cute fabric and used liquid nails to hold it down and attach it to the door, distressed the door, added a cute letter to cover the hole the door knob was screwed into. So proud how it turned out, I love repurposing!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Camra Strap

I've been seeing these cute camera straps everywhee, and been itching to transform my camera from a "male" looking strap to a "female" one. Here is where I got the instruction.

Apple of my eye

I saw this on a blog and thought that would be cute. So I ran to the dollar store, bought an apple cut it in half and hot glued it on some scrapbook paper, framed it and doesn't it look so cute on top of my cabinets? Love 3-D art!!! I got the bird cage from Homegoods and filled it with lemons.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New Old desk


My daughter needed a desk in her room so we found one on Craigslist, not so pretty. I sanded it down, primered, rolled the purple on, then handed it over to my brother with his fancy paint sprayer, I think it's time I invest in one for myself. I painted the base with "Creamy" from Sherwin Williams, since I had some left from my bedroom set, and the top is from Home Depot, used it in her room for a border stripe. Got some glass knobs from Hobby Lobby and ta-da!!!! She likes it so that's really all that matters. I didn't glaze the desk, only the chair this time.

Desk chair


I bought a desk & chair off Craigslist for my daughter, it actually was a great condition chair, but since I was painting the desk I wanted to paint the chair too, so I sanded it down lightly, then painted on primer, used a paint sprayer, then glaze, then sealer. I think it turned out soooooo cute!

New Old chair


We bought this chair 11 yrs ago from Rob & Stucky, unfortunately if I want them to make me a new slipcover it is anywhere from $600-$1400. So I bought some fabric on clearance for $50, all they had was 8.5yrs. Luckily that was just enough to make a new one, no cording/ or anything fancy. I did velcro instead of zippers on the cushions. It took me more time to figure out where to sew first then to actually sew it together. What do you think?