Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ring toss

This year for my church's Halloween Carnival I made a Ring Toss I saw here. Couldn't find the paint Martha suggested to use in Orange so after a few misses used Home Depot's Color Sample paint tinted to orange. It didn't peal off the glass I think because it had primer in it. I thought it would be a good game for the little kids but turns out the older kids had a hard time with it too...bonus! I used the glow in the dark necklaces for the rings, gave a nice effect at night.

Ruffle Bag

Ever since I've been seeing these all over Pinterest, I've been dying to make one, I just got called to a new calling and needed an XL bag so I adjusted the "How to" to accommodate a large bag, so glad with how it turned out, my only worry is if I used to light of fabrics that will show everything???

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Necklace redo

Bought a necklace on sale, it was a bit too big but it was only held all together by ribbon tied in knots, for some reason I thought I could untie the knots and take some beads out. Ha, ha, don't know what I was thinking the knots were pretty tight, ended up cutting it up and getting some new ribbon and making a shorter necklace. I'm very pleased with the end result, plus added bonus I can used the leftover beads to make a matching bracelet...someday that is ;)

Cake pops

Last year for my daughter's birthday I attempted to make cakepops and failed miserably! After much support & encouragement from my friend, Brandi. I attempted to try again. I just made some baby blue chicks for my son's teacher's surprise baby shower, and Jack o-lantern's for a kid party we just had. I've still got a lot to learn, but at least now I'm willing to keep trying. I feel like the the little train..."I think I can, I think I can"

3 Tierd Platter

Recently I needed to make a similar 3 tired platter for a church activity. This time they wanted white plates with crystal candle holders, they were going for a more french country look. I went to about every dollartree store I could find, still with not enough plates found myself at the goodwill and got exactly what I needed. With E600 glue I glued the plates to the candle holders and this is what I got. Total cost roughly $5.50.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween garland

Needed to make some decorations for my kids Halloween class at school, came across this on Pinterest. Luckily my friend has a silloute machine, wish I did! Made it super simple to cut. And then just used some thread and needle to string it along...Love it!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Congrats banner

My kindergartner's teacher is prego with her first, so we're putting together a surprise shower, I made this pennet sign out of scrap paper and sewed ribbon on the top. I hope it'll be a big hit, plus it's neutral enough I can use it for other events.