Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hair Bow board

Hair Bow Board
1.What you need to get started:
-Fabric 22x18in
-Ribbon 17ft (3/8" wide)
-25 pushpins
-25 jewels
-19x15in board
-18 1/2x 14 1/2 backing felt
-19x15 (40z)batting
-glue gun
2.Place the fabric face down on table then center the batting then add the board last.

3.Staple one side of the fabric, then staple the opposite side of fabric, with tugging a little to make it taunt, but make sure on front side that It’s not so tight it’s creating dimples in the fabric. Continue till it’s all stapled.

4.For the corners just fold neatly under then staple down.

5.Add ribbon, cut strips into:
-2 strips of 27in. (add first)
-4 strips of 15in. (add 2nd)
-4 strips of 21 in. (add 3rd)
-4 strips of 9 in. (add last)
staple to one corner, then pull taunt to opposite corner and staple down, continue till get the finished look. When adding ribbon in between two ribbon spots measure for the exact middle then add ribbon to that point.

6.Hammer in front side at all cross points a push pin, should be 25 ct.
7.Hot glue backing on back to cover all staples.
8.Attach picture hanger on middle top of backside.
9.Hot glue gems to top of all push pins.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bathroom Faux Drape

In my last house I made a faux drape for my guest bathroom, but in my new home the ceiligs are a foot taller, so I added a foot of a solid fabric to the bottom and ta da! Sewing a drape is easy, you just sew the edges in and make a pocket for the top to slide the drapery rod in. I took a rod and cut it to the size I wanted, and screwed only one of the hooks that came with the drapery rod into the ceiling and then srewed a closet pole bracket (circular, can find at any Home hardware store) into the wall.